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Kero throttle body to teach you how to say goodbye to rear-end
Release time:2013.08.06 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

If we are not able to properly operate the brakes, car accidents may become lethal weapons in the moment, so perhaps we can say that technology is driving the car brakes one realm.
      The cars on the roads in accordance with the requirements of the driver slow down or even stop the mandatory; make the car have been suspended in a variety of road conditions (including ramp) stable parking; make a car downhill speed remains stable.
      According Kero Throttle Body aware, once the vehicle is completely stopped before the brakes if we loose the brakes purpose is to stop vehicles, then stepping on the brake until the vehicle has been stopped before traveling moment will have a relatively large impact, and its tip is in the vehicle completely Release the brakes once before stopping, and then tap the brakes until the vehicle stops moving.

      Emergency brake pedal when the brakes to force 20 years ago, the majority of vehicles without ABS unit and is therefore not recommended once full brakes, but separated two times the brakes to prevent the wheels hold flick happens after death and orientation lock. But now the ABS system is already standard on the vehicle, so if you encounter an emergency situation, be sure to fully depress the brake pedal.

     Light braking distance braking skills are highly skilled people do not give the feeling of shock travel, which is a prerequisite for correct grasp of the road ahead and traffic conditions, the accelerator pedal is released, and then based on distance, speed, etc. brake operation.

      Use caution when driving rain Although basic vehicle emergency brakes are equipped with ABS system, locking the wheels and other phenomena have been greatly improved. Distinguished heads of delegations suggested driving in the rain at the same time pay attention to control the speed, careful use of the emergency brake action. VI. Driving while using a long downhill engine braking if prolonged use of brakes, brake system because the heat and affect braking performance. Therefore, according to the road conditions in the transmission gear selection 3 block, 2 block, L gear (automatic transmission) or 3 block, 2 block, a block (hand wave), do not step on the gas pedal to control the speed using the engine brake.

      Turn attention to the direction of the brake operation method name of the brakes, the vehicle is easy to lose focus, and therefore should be adopted before entering a corner brake sufficiently reduce speed. However, if too late to slow down, then use the brakes briefly under the circumstances. Slippery road emergency brake curve, then prone to drift, by reducing gearbox gear, use engine braking to decelerate.
      According Kero  Throttle Body aware, a car's braking effect are ultimately determined by the brake pads, so keep the brake pads in good condition is the degree of the brake system maintains the most direct way. Brake pads and brake discs (drums) is a life, to a certain extent when they wear must be replaced. General urban traffic in normal use, and their life is about 50,000 km, brake pad life at 30,000 km or so, but the owners of the operation depends on the specific circumstances of the case, it is best to check once every 10,000 km.

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