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Russian auto parts market worth about $ 38 billion
Release time:2012.10.04 News source:YUHUAN MELUN MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Browsing number:
Victor leaves Futuhuofu, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, said at a news conference on the Russian auto parts market a total of about $ 38 billion. Among them, the proportion of the original car parts does not exceed 20-30%, the rest of the products are of unknown origin.

According to the Russian Industry and Trade Vice Minister of Victor leaves Futuhuofu, introduced, the problem is the excessive monopoly in the market. The situation in the West is a large manufacturer of auto parts ordered from the small companies that have production licenses and certificates required. Russia, mastered the production of auto parts by large monopolies, which means that the market does not exist diversified. Response to the market demand is almost negligible.

Russian Industry and Trade Vice Minister Victor leaves Futuhuofu stressed that auto parts sales through dealers and service centers of large companies accounted for 20-30% of the rest of the sales to the consumer market and small retail outlets. This part of the product is difficult to estimate the sources and manufacturers. The forged products produced does not come from the manufacturers, but from the second-hand market.

Russian Industry and Trade Vice Minister Victor think leaves Futuhuofu, to correct this situation need to expand Russia's auto parts manufacturer independent, and to strengthen competition in the market.

In addition, at a news conference, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation Victor leaves Futuhuofu also informed of counterfeit parts in the Russian aviation industry accounted for 15%.

In Russia, the real problem is the retired aircraft components installed on the aircraft. Russian aviation industry Another issue of concern is the lack of after-sales service and maintenance program of the aircraft.
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