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"Sensor" optoelectronic systems "sensory organs"
Release time:2014.04.21 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:
   According to the  Throttle Body  Kero understand . Sensor is a detection device that will convert the signal input variables available for measurement is optoelectronic systems " sense organs " , is to achieve automatic detection and automatic control of the primary link . Sensor market is huge, global sensor market volume in 2008 was $ 50.6 billion , in 2010 the global sensor market is expected to reach more than $ 60 billion . Worldwide, on the sensor market is still the fastest-growing car market , the second largest market for process control , communications, market prospects . A wide variety of sensors , according to incomplete statistics , there are 30,000 kinds , pressure sensors , temperature sensors, flow sensors, level sensors have demonstrated the characteristics of a mature market , the largest market scale flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors , respectively, accounted for the entire 21% of the sensor market , 19% and 14%. Key growth markets from the sensor wireless sensor , MEMS ( microelectromechanical systems ) sensors , biosensors and other emerging sensors. Divided into two categories :

A medical device applications of the sensor

1 used in medical ventilators humidity sensor , air temperature and humidity to help transport , so that patients feel comfortable when introducing moisture into the air flow , and must be monitored and controlled.

2 is applied to the contact force sensor infusion pump to ensure delivery of liquid to the infusion pump and the patient's insulin pump pipe unimpeded .

3 diagnostic sensor devices used in hospitals , such as the air flow sensor is used to regulate the air flow rate of the gas chromatograph , contact force and position sensors to control automatic robot laboratory . A pressure sensor for the pump system , the rotational speed of the centrifuge to control the speed sensor , a temperature sensor controls the temperature of the sample chamber and the other compartment .

4 air flow sensor for gas chromatography , chromatography medical need accurate monitoring and regulation of the gas flow . Since the air flow pipe of the ceramic sensor can avoid outgassing , which can enhance the accuracy and reliability of the chromatograph .

5 infrared sensor for blood cell analyzer , infrared sensors for blood cell analyzer , with shaft encoder on the combined use of in order to calculate the number of shaft rotation , when the opaque object encapsulated infrared obstacle clearance pathways , the sensor can detect.

6 for the blood analyzer thermistor temperature sensor for monitoring the cab , the diffusion temperature of the lamp and the oil -cooled motor , in order to avoid overheating. If overheated , let it cool down immediately .

7 instrument sensor for monitoring a pressure sensor, a respiratory gas flow monitoring sensor can be used to display information about breathing index key . Plug-in sensor for pressure monitoring and blood glucose monitoring .

8 gas flow sensor for anesthesia machine ( referred to as airflow sensor ) , can measure air, oxygen and nitrous oxide flow , the supply of gas composition appropriate patients , doctors meet the standards set . Thermistor temperature sensor , air temperature monitoring anesthesia machine sent / humidity can make breathing patient comfort , but also to avoid sore throat caused by inhalation of dry cold air .

9 used in sleep apnea machine airflow sensor , when the patient began to exhale, the sensor sends signals that inform the sleep apnea machine to reduce ventilator fan speed , so patients feel and machine " confrontation" to produce discomfort . A humidity sensor for monitoring humidity of the air , and the precise measurement of the absolute humidity or moisture dew point , humidity suitable for air supplied to the patient . Three kinds of positive pressure ventilator such a humidity sensor can be applied .

Two . Automotive

Electronic key control system level modern limousine lies using the number and level sensors , currently only about installing tens to hundreds of sensors on an ordinary family car , while the number of sensors on luxury cars can be up to two hundred only , usually more than 30 kinds of species , as many as 100 kinds .

1 with the electronically controlled fuel injection jet engine sensors

1 ) intake air pressure sensor : to reflect changes in the size of the absolute pressure within the intake manifold is the ECU ( engine control unit ) offers a reference to calculate the duration of the injection signal ; Audi 100 sedan (V6 engine ) , Santana 2000 sedan , Beijing Cherokee (25L engine ) , Toyota Crown sedan 3.0 , are using this pressure sensor. Now widely used in the semiconductor piezoresistive pressure sensor intake .

2 ) Air flow sensors: measuring the amount of air sucked in the engine , to the electronic control unit (ECU) as a reference injection time signal ; different measuring principle can be divided into the rotary -type air flow sensor flap ( TOYOTA PREVIA Touring) , Karman vortex air flow sensor swim (Toyota Lexus LS400 sedan ) , hot air flow sensor ( VG30E Nissan Maxima car engines and domestic passenger TJ6481AQ4 Tianjin sambong equipped with Volvo B230F engine ) and hot -film air flow sensor four types . The former two both volume flow type , after the mass flow type . At present, the use of hot air flow sensor and two kinds of hot-film air flow sensor .

3 ) Throttle position sensor : Measure the throttle opening angle , as off the oil supplied to the ECU to control the fuel / air ratio , ignition advance angle correction reference signal ; It has three types : switch contact type throttle position sensor ( Santana 2000 passenger cars and Tianjin triplet ) , linear variable resistive throttle position sensor ( Beijing Cherokee ) , integrated throttle position sensor ( domestic Audi 100 V6 engine ) .

4 ) the crank angle sensor : also called crankshaft position sensor for detecting a rotational speed of the crankshaft and the engine , to the ECU for determining the ignition timing reference signal and the sequence of operations ; There are three types : electromagnetic pulse crankshaft position sensor , a Hall -effect crankshaft position sensor ( Santana 2000 and Beijing Cherokee ) , photoelectric effect crankshaft position sensor. Crankshaft position sensor is different, its control and the control precision is also different. Crankshaft position sensor is usually installed on the crankshaft pulley or sprocket side , some mounted on the front of the camshaft , and some are mounted on the distributor ( Santana 2000 ) .

5 ) the oxygen sensor : detects the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas supplied to the ECU as the control air / fuel ratio at the optimum value ( theoretical value ) in the vicinity of a reference signal ;

6 ) intake air temperature sensor : detects intake air temperature , to the ECU as the basis for calculating the density of air ;

7) The water temperature sensor : the temperature of the coolant is detected , the engine ECU provides temperature information ;

8 ) Knock Sensor: mounted on the cylinder engine specifically detect detonation conditions , to provide a signal to the ECU adjusted ignition timing .

9 ) Knock Sensor : mounted on the engine block , ready to monitor the engine 's knock . There are currently using resonant and non-resonant two categories .

2, with the chassis control sensor

A ) Transmission : vehicle speed sensor, a temperature sensor, a shaft speed sensor, a pressure sensor , the rotation angle sensor has a direction , a torque sensor , pressure sensor ;

2 ) Suspension : vehicle speed sensor, an acceleration sensor, a vehicle height sensor, a roll angle sensor, a rotation angle sensor ;

3) ABS: wheel speed sensor.

3 sensors and safety performance is closely related to the body , mainly airbag sensors , side anti-collision sensors, distance sensors.

4 sensor lighting and electrical systems are mainly light sensor , rain sensor volume , air temperature sensors, seat position sensors.
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