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Hot weather, "vehicle maintenance" in the right way
Release time:2014.04.24 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:
Kero Throttle Body for you to explain the spring temperatures, how to care auto major parts:

1 . Cleaning cooling system

First, that the circulatory system, including the oil and water in two parts. Experienced a winter sand test, the tank car radiators and car air-conditioning condenser attached above are definitely a lot of dust, the dust is caused by a small water tank heat disadvantage, engine temperature is too high, cool in summer without air conditioning failure, can also cause serious damage to the early parts of the car , so be sure to wash the spring the vehicle cooling system. Be careful not to clean up the appearance of dust tank only , and do not wash up on the water , because the high-pressure water is likely to be secondary to the dust and mud into place more difficult to clean when cleaning. The correct way to be is to first loosen the screws fixing the tank , carefully both inside and outside the tank with high pressure air blowing , and finally rinse off.

2 Keep the oil unobstructed

As spring the oil conservation, should go to a professional repair station first test whether other parts of the throttle and fuel injectors clean , because the upcoming open air summer peak period , and now oil prices climbing higher and higher , more parts poor undoubtedly more will increase fuel consumption of the car.

3 to air conditioning to be physical

In addition, the temperature of the spring is not stable , elevated about 10 ℃ is often the case , in which case the air conditioning and refrigeration inspection is even more important . After nearly six months of general air conditioning is disabled , it may be some leakage of refrigerant , so be alert to the repair shop after cleaning the condenser and radiator master workers checking refrigerant margin. Also, some owners are allergic to pollen in spring , should also clean up and replace the air conditioning pollen filter inlet .

4 . Put oil in summer

Then say is oil, although most of the cars are now using the Four Seasons General of the oil , but in some of the northern cold regions , the vehicle 's engine oil is still winter and summer of the points, so here to remind you that the arrival of spring the oil is put on the summer bloom time.

5 replenish coolant

The next thing to check is the coolant tank car cooling system , in general the cold season of the vehicle evaporative coolant consumption is very low, but after entering the spring, because of rising temperatures will increase because of the coolant consumption, so should always check the fluid level , attention to replenish coolant.

6 Replace wiper

Second, with the arrival of spring rain season will be coming soon , so check the wiper of the car can not be ignored . When the non- rainy season usually use to clean the front window wiper should wipe together with a glass cleaning solution , to avoid damage to the wiper of the advance . If you still can not completely scrape or rubber wiper rods can not be compacted when used with molten glass , and rubber blades are aging , hardening, cracking , etc. , it would need to replace a pair of new wiper blades . Replace the blade is not complicated to spend tens of dollars to buy auto city vice new , you can put on yourself .

7 car thoroughly disinfected

Finally, it should be noted that the interior environment , due to the winter window ventilation owners more time is shorter, leaving residue , perspiration comfortable temperature in the spring, mites and can easily lead to a variety of bacterial growth , coupled with the car many odor invisible dust, oil and debris generated moldy , so able to do so for the car to conduct a thorough disinfection is also very necessary .

In short , spring car care because of people from cars, vary , different vehicles have different requirements , and more concerned about the health of its car in order to better serve others .

Spring car care knowledge

Spring is a good time people travel by car , and after a sightseeing tour enjoy the driving pleasure , do you think a good reward for you toiled busy schedule "love horse " mean ? Spring, spring pleasant weather, the car is also good weather , maintenance is relatively easier, but the same effect can not be taken lightly , spring rain , footage, dusty , pay attention to clean , corrosion , mildew, and this spring can make your car Like bring you happiness feelings.

Maintenance of the main parts of a spring

Car paint : more rain in spring , rain acidic substances can damage car paint , rain should develop the habit of washing and waxing .

Interior: Clean the interior is an important seasonal maintenance work , clean and comfortable interiors give you the feeling of a contemporary new look .

Chassis: During the holiday driving trips back since , carefully check whether the chassis are bruised, if any should be repaired , good sealing rust work .

Cooling system : clean the engine water jacket , remove the cooling scale , testing, commissioning thermostat performance.

Oil : If you are using oil viscosity is too high , you should change in time for the summer lubricants.

Battery : Check battery performance is good, if it is necessary to do the repair station to detect .

Tires: Car tires are one of the most hard working parts during driving tour , so be sure to give the car after a long journey back tires do a system repair work , it is best to do a wheel alignment .

Second, clean

Spring outdoor dust, catkins more, so the cleaning work is routine maintenance is an important content.

Body cleansing

⑴ water to various parts of the car are flush again, so that the pre- wet dirt .

⑵ for bonding solid mud , bird droppings and other stolen goods , scrub with a brush and rinse with water .

⑶ order from top to bottom with high-pressure water wash all parts of each car , the chassis when flushing water pressure should be larger.

⑷ should use a dedicated car wash car wash liquid detergent or soap prolonged use will cause the paint to lose luster, but also a serious corrosion paint .

⑸ After washing with cleaning solution , rinse with fresh water and then the car from start to finish again, to wash away the stains miserable .

⑹ try not to light exposure and hot car wash , this could easily lead paint off.

Clean car interior

⑴ with a towel or sponge with soap or detergent , scouring every corner of the dashboard.

⑵ fiber surface before cleaning with a vacuum cleaner before siphoning off the dirt , then use special textile cleaning agent infiltrating a few minutes , until the dirt is dissolved , then towel to scrub clean. If there is no special cleaning agents can be changed with soap or dishwashing liquid .

⑶ leather products available scrub towel stained with a little water , careful attention to the use of protective leather goods , poor protection products not only can not play a protective role , but will also produce damage to the leather .

⑷ chrome surface should be scrubbed regularly to keep it light levels , when found chrome surface has been scratched , should be promptly sealed to prevent corrosion continues to expand .

Spring temperatures rise, coupled with the air is humid, the growth of various bacteria multiply golden season , so pay special attention to the work of automotive interior of bacteria ,

Health holder indoors to stay dry , especially for car seats, floor mats , carpets , air outlet to do more of these health corner cleaning work .

Regular cleaning of debris finishing the trunk to prevent long home and mildew odors.

Third, check the

Regular checks on your car , to detect potential failures before they occur , but also makes you more aware of the habits of the car , which was tuned to the optimum condition.

⑴ check the oil , brake oil, such as missing to replenish .

⑵ check whether the chassis has oil spills, leaking.

⑶ check the tire pressure , tread wear condition , without loosening the nut . If the driver feels there is deviation or playing swing phenomenon, do you want to repair stations or balancing wheel alignment check .

⑷ check for damage or broken fan belt , adjust the tightness of the belt.

⑸ check the entire vehicle wiring harness connection , a wireless skin cracking, loose , poor contact and so on.

Fourth, pay attention not to replace the coolant water

The coming of spring , the temperature rose gradually , and some friends found insufficient coolant tank on random supplemented with water. Then the car antifreeze is not the theme , but easy to produce water alkaline water , water, rust , and low boiling point , can easily lead to " boil ." Therefore can not be arbitrarily changed the coolant water. Incidentally, while checking whether the left and right to change the coolant drain hole is blocked, in order to avoid the rain, poor drainage , intrusion into the car.

How to maintain the car in spring

1 , air-conditioning and ultimately self-test ;

In order to make a smooth start air conditioning in the summer , the air conditioning should be checked as soon as possible .

2 , sealing glaze sealed plastic to advance ;

3 , interior disinfection most important thing ;

4 , replace the air filter needs timely ;

Spring air contains more dust and sand , air filter is prone to clogging , then there will be difficult to start the engine idling instability and other symptoms.

5 , before the big outing should check :

Auto Repair Experts remind you to check first before Spring brake system , brake system feel about yourself first whether the abnormal reaction is sensitive.
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