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Four Misunderstandings of the automobile repair and maintenance
Release time:2015.04.06 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

When the repair and maintenance of the car there will inevitably be some errors, when access to the Internet, as much as possible to know the information, and not to remember the maintenance process,will avoid detours. Let your car health preservation. Cairo solar term door is four points do not introducemaintenance.

A tyre nut oil, do not

Do not oil the wheel bolts and nuts. Repair, a private car owners in order to prevent the wheel bolt and nutrust, the installation will create new styles of bolts and nuts are coated with oil, solar term door said. Butthis approach not only wrong, but also bring a certain hidden danger to traffic safety. Tighten bolts and nuts, self-locking characteristics between. And coated with lubricant, decline of self-locking coefficientbetween the two smaller caused by self-locking performance. In the car at high speed, bolt and nut is easy to loose and fall off, causing traffic accidents, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

Two, pay attention to the car wash

Don't rinse water inside the body. Summer arrived, the common side of private car owners who wash the body of water, the side with the dishcloth, the solar term door. To remind private owners are: the body is best not to wash water directly. Because the pad underneath the cab floor is not "the boundless plain", tothe structure of the groove, driving the room floor pad vias very much. After washing with water, or deposited in the groove is not easy to dry, or corrosion to the gearbox and other parts from the through hole. Especially good sealing performance car not flush water directly inside the body. The correct way is to wipe with a damp cloth, avoid direct water rinse.

Three, adding cooling liquid

Different brands of cooling liquid do not mix. All know that the engine cooling fluid should be added in time, but you are different brands of coolant to mix with it? If it is, or persuade you to let go of it the cooling fluid, coolant and re add the same brand. Because the cooling liquid of different brands of its chemical properties may vary, such as black metal effective preservatives, but often have a corrosive effect on aluminum products; and is applicable to aluminum alloy of iron alloy is harmful preservatives. Because the cooling liquid of different brands of different preservatives used, so don't mix.

Four, should pay attention to when starting

EFI car starts your foot off the gas. Before starting the engine throttle on several feet of many old driver'shabits, solar term door said. Especially in the winter cold start. But this method does not start the car for efi.

Equipped with electronic control fuel injection engine with carburetor engine fuel injection control device, itcan automatically adjust the fuel according to the temperature of the engine, the engine operating conditions, a smooth start, namely in cold start, the fuel injection control device can automatically increase the amount of oil. Therefore, the EFI car engine is started, there is no need to step on the gas,but not before starting continuous slam, otherwise the starting of the engine side.

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