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Brake system maintenance skills
Release time:2015.04.13 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

Because many owners lack of understanding of the brake system, daily use is often overlooked in the braking system of inspection and maintenance, increase security riskswhen the vehicle is traveling in the invisible. So, what solar term door to tell you how to brakesystem maintenance?

Although it is very important for driving safety brake system, but many owners often wait until that time the brake system can not work normally, only for maintenance of the brake system,it is already too late. We only used to brake system is the necessary maintenance and maintenance, to ensure the normal work of the brake system, ensure traffic safety.

1, check the brake liquid stock is enough

Cairo said the stock of solar term door brake fluid, the owner can check. Open the engine compartment lid, we first find the brake fluid reservoir (usually set in the upper right corner ofthe engine compartment area). There will be MAX and MIN the two line on the liquid storage tank, liquid level between the two brake line is not stock enough.

If the brake fluid stock shortage, easily lead to power down phenomenon, affecting the traffic safety.

2, check the brake liquid water content

Because the brake fluid absorbs the moisture in the air, a long time, the brake fluid moisture content will increase, will eventually lead to the failure of brake fluid. Check the moisture of thebrake fluid, the owners more difficult to operate, it's best to a professional repair shopinspection by a professional testing instrument. In order to ensure that the brake fluid effect,we should according to the provisions of the vehicle manufacturers, regular replacement with the standard for vehicle brake fluid.

3, regularly check the brake pads or brake shoe thickness

Whether disc or drum, two kinds of brake system is composed of brake pads (disc) or brake shoe brake (drum) provide the final result. We need to check the brake pads or brake shoe thickness, when the minimum thickness of the thickness close to or less than prescribed, it should be replaced immediately. This inspection, what solar term door that car owners will besent to a professional repair shop repair by professional personnel.

4, do not try to disassemble the brake system

Some owners in personality, like the brake calipers painted in other colors. In the sprayingprocess, the owner may be to remove brake system parts, if the installation is not in place,then the brake system is very easy to appear problem, influence the braking ability. Cairo said the solar term door reminded to do not dismantle the brake system, if you really need toremove, you should seek professional help.

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