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Automotive parts knowledge: what is a throttle body?
Release time:2017.12.21 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

You do not know the car, the car seemed to have met the "dead fire" out of breath, this may be because the door body dirty car caused by the solar term, then you know what is throttle body? Throttle body actually like the human nose for breathing, mainly between Air and Filter engine. Usually because of carbon deposition will cause dirty, if a blocked nose and how normal? So small parts today to share with you is the solar term door!

Simply put, the door body is a solar term control valve air into the engine, when you step oil will raise certain solar term door angle equal to allow the engine to inhaled air combustion air into the engine, the internal combustion engine after being brought to, to complete a process, in other words is very important solar term door because control of engine intake, less air engine can not operate.

While the solar term door can be divided into two types: namely traditional cable and electric wire, the former is to rely on the opening angle, when you pedal will pull wire to shrink, so will the other end of the solar term door open, the pedal is deep throttle opening angle is greater, due to the use of a mechanical structure. Send users that run Cable sensitive reaction.

And more is the use of new electronic control system, solar term door body part has a sensor, when you step on the accelerator when the instructions to the solar term door body, the other end will cooperate with the engine needs energy to control the opening angle, some car dealers joined the Eco mode limits the opening angle, to achieve the effect of fuel-efficient, relative electric control system can also be enhance the throttle sensitivity through movement mode.

Because the solar term door body responsible for the intake will come down for a long time, because of the dust in the air valve caused by dirty, but the problem is the car engine acceleration, fuel consumption increase, so to reach a certain number in general can clean, whether should be removed for cleaning? These technical problems to make decisions the car factory technician, after all, every car different section of the solar term door body design agency.

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