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Common Faults and Troubleshooting of Electronic Throttle
Release time:2022.09.24 News source: Browsing number:

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of electronic throttle are:

1. If the plug on the accelerator pedal position sensor or throttle position sensor of the electronic throttle system is loose or in poor contact, the signal transmission between the computer and the accelerator pedal position sensor or throttle position sensor will be interrupted, thus turning on the warning lamp of the electronic throttle system. At the same time, the accelerator pedal will feel empty; Slip change sensor;

2. When one throttle position sensor is damaged, and the system uses the signal of another sensor, when the response to the accelerator pedal is unchanged, only weak acceleration, shift impact, cruise system off, epc light on and fault code storage will occur; Slip change sensor;

3. The throttle of vehicles equipped with electronic throttle is too dirty, usually because there is too much carbon deposit on the inner side of the throttle, which will cause the epc lamp to light frequently, and the vehicle will suddenly shut down while driving, still shaking. Remove the throttle valve, clean it thoroughly, and then match it again to eliminate the fault.

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