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Auto Warranty retirement vehicles is difficult to supplement difficult for consumers to feel at ease
Release time:2013.06.10 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd Browsing number:

Since October 1, 2013 from our domestic forthcoming implementation of the "family car repair, replacement, return the liability" is the development of China's auto market in the history of a major event for hundreds of millions of Chinese auto consumers, this is to protect legitimate interests of a weapon. "Auto Warranty" The introduction of how hard the expectations of consumers have more fervent. "Auto Warranty" the official implementation, the owners rights when there is a silver bullet, but I wonder if this has not been the imperial sword scabbard, began quietly convergence edge.

Recently, Auto Warranty supporting policies and related information platform construction work is basically ready, three packs will be on schedule. To enable Auto Warranty policy implementation more in place, the state policy for supporting a plurality of supporting documents. Including the "family car three bags of product range with the main types of parts warranty certificate" national standards, "car warranty information and dispute handling technology consulting personnel management approach" and "major security failure determination proposals" to implement rules and so on.
According Kero electronic throttle noted, AQSIQ announced the Auto Warranty important supporting documents "Home Warranty main parts of automotive products range of types and three bags of evidence," the core is clear the car back home, transfer conditions, File ultimately reduce the back, change the type and scope of the problem parts. Unless it belongs to the engine, transmission, steering system, brake system, suspension system, front / rear axle, body parts and other seven major repair and replacement two more times, or steering system failure, brake system failure, body cracking or leakage of fuel other major, unexpected serious quality problems, or other problems consumers want to retire, change almost impossible.
For daily encountered some glitches, "family car three bags of product range and types of major parts warranty certificate" does not in greater detail, in accordance with "car three guarantees" provisions of the automobile reliability in performance quality problems, will be car manufacturers in the automotive product manual instructions themselves.
If the car manufacturers product manuals and warranty card write too much detail, such as "static ignition is not a warranty", "car smell is not a three guarantees", "fuel consumption than the manufacturer's published values ​​do not belong three guarantees" ... As a consumer you will pay for it? If the product manufacturers written instructions are too vague, consumers unknowingly, although willing to pay, but in the future may be facing endless disputes.
For product quality and product performance, AQSIQ and no relevant distinction between the provisions of its boundaries, which is why many dispute fails to solve the problem, but this car warranty policies, AQSIQ cross this boundary-making power handed over to the car manufacturer, then the result can be imagined, consumer confusion product quality and performance, but also inevitable.
Auto Warranty is not a purely legal document, but the integration of the "Consumer Protection Law", "Product Quality Law", "contract law" as well as other related products regulations worked out a way. According Kero electronic throttle understood before, automotive activist is clearly reasoned. Many owners are counting on Auto Warranty policy can help their own rights, but when the "family car product range and types of major parts Warranty Warranty certificate" rules introduced after can not help but suck down a cold lump. Auto Warranty's true value lies in three-year warranty period, the vast majority of quality problems can be repaired free of charge, and the mandatory provisions of the same kind of problem repair time. It also represents the aspirations of many faithful car, only "family car product range and types of major parts Warranty Warranty certificate" rules have failed to mention.

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