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How to force auto finance car the best deal
Release time:2013.06.11 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd Browsing number:

With car loans car has become a mainstream way, auto finance has gradually been familiar to consumers. At present, China's auto market has entered a period of slight increase, automotive financial services became the new means of vendors vying for market share. Car manufacturers, financial institutions have brought out a car finance feast. For the consumer, in the end what kind of car the most cost-effective way?
Auto finance covering automobile production, distribution, consumption, maintenance, recycling and other sectors, including fund raising, the use of credit, mortgage discounts and other financial services. At present, the most well known to consumers of financial services is a car loan. In fact, in the car, consumers can choose discount models, can reduce interest payments.

Kero  Throttle Body    learned that the Chongqing Motor Show, many brands of many banks launched a joint dealer discount products.
Bank car loan interest rate is 8.5%, dealers can rely on a single volume passenger talked about 8% interest rate, we will further discount of 4%. That is, you only need to pay 4% interest on it. If the public loans 100,000 yuan, two years of interest would have to pay 8500 yuan, and now only need to pay 4,000 yuan can be.
In addition to financial services dealers have a car as a tool to attract customers, this show period, the bank is also a new guise, such as CITIC Bank launched 2 percent minimum down payment, the loan period of up to five years of loan products, Chongqing banks offer credit card installment concessions, such as two-year lending rate of only 7%.

Understand that the main form of bank loans are divided into two kinds, one is through the dealer to the bank for a loan, the other is through a special one-time payment auto loans, credit cards and then to the bank by the individual installments. The former approach although the need to pay the mortgage service fees, but more flexible repayment, such as CITIC Bank raised a year later no prepayment fee discount. If the customer can choose to only short-term funding constraints in this way, but also requires only one year's interest.

Drawbacks of the latter approach is that credit card loans are generally put in the first month of full repayment of the interest deduction for liquidity flexible customer will cause inconvenience. But the benefits of this method is that it can allow customers to enjoy a one-time payment in the dealer discount. In addition, the insurance on the handle, such methods do not restrict customers to purchase cars and their own insurance.
Major auto finance companies have also introduced a lot of financial products. Which finance company SAIC on during the show's models launched against 3 percent down payment, 3-year interest-free loan program, while Dongfeng Motor Group, introduced during the lending interest per $ 4,000 car allowance activities.

The current use of bank loans or auto finance company loans to buy cars, cars of its mention in about two weeks or so. If people mention car speed requirements, you can choose a professional auto finance intermediaries. The city a car guarantee agency staff yesterday to Chinese Commercial News reporter Biao Shi, buy our products during the show, you can do the day the audit, after its adoption can mention car loans, the fastest only need one day.

According to the  Throttle Body  Kero noted, while another loan company is a bank and the group jointly launched the car financial products, consumers can purchase the full amount of money to make car loans, and then the rest of the money to buy one kind of guaranteed financial products. If Mr. A intends to purchase the full amount of 250,000 yuan a car, choose the down payment of 20% of three-year car loan, the remaining 200,000 yuan to purchase our financial products, the last car loan interest deduction, you can earn 20,000 yuan.
    Insiders said that this approach is feasible, but the best choice for formal financial guarantee companies.

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