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Motor vehicle levy sewage charges can really control air pollution
Release time:2013.06.13 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd Browsing number:

Recently, media reports many ministries are brewing to motor vehicle sewage charges and priority will represent 11% of the vehicle population but accounted for 86% of emissions of heavy vehicles into the environmental tax levy.
According to the Kero  Throttle Body  Kero noted, motor vehicle emissions have become the largest source of PM2.5 in Beijing, Tianjin is one. According to statistics, the vehicle population in Beijing has reached 5.289 million, of which 70% were private cars, in order to control vehicle emissions, plans to introduce this year's Beijing air pollution control regulations, it will be possible to impose emission vehicles fees. Meanwhile, there are recent media reports, the state ministries also brewing sewage charges to motor vehicles, heavy goods vehicles to environmental taxes. Taxes and charges to be able to control vehicle emissions? China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, environmental experts and regulatory agencies have different views, in the end which side say reasonable? Control vehicle emissions pollution hazards in the end Where is the way? (June 12 wide network)
Control of atmospheric pollution, to provide a good living environment mankind is mankind's dream. As long as human survival is to protect their homes, not to mention the motor vehicle sewage charges is to destroy all vehicles is all a matter of course.
Control air pollution, can not just think of charge. Instead, Take Measures, comprehensive treatment. Before being paid off. One is to control pollution increment, strict new car emission standards; Second, strict supervision in the car, to ensure stable discharge in the car, in fact, the stock of pollution control, reduce pollution of the stock; three is to guarantee applies oil vehicle emission standards; four is to promote environmentally friendly travel, actively encouraged the masses to walk, bike instead of motor vehicles, environmentally friendly way to travel only exercise the body, but also reduce air pollution. Or do all motor vehicles, the development of universal horses, cattle, travel by horse riding, bull riding based, which will fundamentally govern atmospheric pollution; five is to fundamentally reduce the number of motor vehicles, do not prevent the first reduce the number of buses used, and then reduce the number of private cars, taxis should also be a significant reduction in the number, in order to encourage take the bus. Six is ​​to take advanced science and technology, as well give every car air filters and other devices installed to purify the air.
According Kero Kero  Throttle Body  is understood to control air pollution in the most effective way is not charged, but to the use of advanced science and technology, radically reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, improve air quality so as to achieve the purpose.
      Public Issues a dead point, not a fee, plus tax, is the price, this governance model has been criticized. Of air pollution, it seems to have gone this route will come up. Vehicle exhaust emissions are the main cause elevated PM2.5, then to the automotive sewage charges or environmental taxes, the surface really makes sense. Cars may not be the main culprits, however, it is known is another reason why China's refined oil quality problems. At present, China is far behind the developed countries the standard oil, but oil is and the international market, coupled with a variety of excise duty, the price has more than some developed countries such as the United States. The oil has been in gestation upgrade issues, the authorities have released the wind for consumers to bear 70% of the upgrade costs, so that oil prices higher than international standards and developed countries; also sewage charges, described as "one shot both eyes. "
     "Automobile emissions from large, high fuel consumption, they should pay more sewage charges", this argument makes sense, in line with "Who polluter pays" principle; but not only to pay sewage charges as a means of restraint, only encourage people to achieve less By car, use less large displacement cars purposes, and must allow sewage charges policy worthy of the name, the income only earmarking.

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