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Novice reading how to adjust yourself headlights lighting
Release time:2013.06.14 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

Auto Lighting System One of the biggest challenges facing designers is how to maximize the latest generation of all the advantages of high brightness LED. Because of the high brightness LED generally require accurate, high-efficiency DC current source, but also require dimming, the LED driver IC must be designed in a variety of conditions, to meet these requirements. Therefore, the power supply solutions must be highly efficient, robust and very reliable functionality, but also very compact and cost effective. It can be said, in terms of high-brightness LED on the drive, one of the most demanding applications in the automotive headlight applications because such applications are subjected to harsh automotive electrical environment of the test, you must provide high-power, generally between 50W ~ 75W must also be able to put it in the housing space is limited, to meet all these requirements simultaneously in the case, but also maintaining an attractive cost structure.

       For various reasons, the brightness will gradually weaken car headlights, headlight shade will appear aging, thus reducing the brightness of headlights at least 50% or more, in addition to engender lamp blurred sense of vertigo, but at night it tends to cause accidents, so the car headlights should have regular testing, adjust headlight brightness.

According Kero  Throttle Body  description: "vehicle inspection, it detects headlight beam position is correct." Correct beam position makes night driving vision clearer, driving safer. When the lights when problems arise, do not necessarily go to the 4S shop to adjust yourself can do.

Car headlight brightness adjustment four steps:

The first step: When the car lights beam position is not correct, select a dark environment, underground parking or night, the front is on a wall, the front and the wall must be positive, and apart fifty-six m.

Step two: Open the lights, thick with opaque cloth covering a headlight, individually adjust a headlight.

The third step: In order to ensure the normal driving position headlight beam position, you can find a person sitting in the driver's seat.

Step four: the lights in the center of the wall with a marker light range or chalk to make a mark, while in the center of the front (logo) at the position corresponding to the wall also made a mark by mark adjustments.

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