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Improve fuel quality yellow car out deadline
Release time:2013.06.15 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

Total emissions of vehicle pollutants, in addition to the introduction of more stringent vehicle emission standards, but also to take the accelerated phase-out "yellow car" to improve vehicle fuel quality, and strengthen motor vehicle environmental regulation, regulation of the total vehicle population in the city and other measures.
       According Kero   Throttle Body  aware, prevention ten measures. First, to reduce pollutant emissions. Comprehensive renovation of small coal-fired boilers, key industries and accelerate the transformation dust desulfurization and denitrification. Treatment of Urban dust. Improve fuel quality, the deadline for elimination yellow cars. Second, strictly control high energy consumption, high pollution industries production capacity, was completed one year ahead of iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, glass and other key industry, "second five" backward capacity elimination tasks. Third, vigorously promote clean production, key industries, the main atmospheric pollutants emission intensity to the end of 2017 decreased by 30% or more. To develop public transport. Fourth, accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, increase natural gas, coal methane and other clean energy supplies. Fifth, strengthen energy-saving environmental indicators constraint can not pass comment on the EIA of the project, shall not approve construction, shall provide land shall not provide loans to support, not power and water supply. Sixth, the implementation of incentives and constraints of both the new energy saving mechanism to increase sewage collection efforts. Increase credit support for air pollution control. Strengthen international cooperation to cultivate environmental protection, new energy industries. Seven with laws, standards, "Forced" industrial restructuring and upgrading. Formulated or revised emission standards for key industries, the proposed amendments Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act and other laws. Heavy polluting industries and enterprises mandatory disclosure of environmental information. Focus on urban air quality rankings released. Efforts to increase penalties for violations. Eight is to build the Bohai Sea, including Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regional joint prevention and control mechanism to strengthen the focus on densely populated areas and large cities PM2.5 governance, build the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) atmospheric environmental remediation target responsibility assessment systems. Nine is heavily polluted weather into local government emergency management, according to the level of contamination in a timely manner to take heavy polluting enterprises limited production emission limits, vehicle limit line measures. Ten is to establish the whole society "weal struggle" code of conduct, the local government on local air quality and overall responsibility, the main responsibility for the implementation of corporate pollution, the State Council, relevant departments to coordinate linkage, advocate conservation, green consumption patterns and habits, to mobilize universal participation in environmental protection and supervision.

       We should focus on steady growth, structural adjustment, have been put forward initiatives to expand domestic demand, to build China's economy "upgrade." PV industry is an important new energy industry development direction of China's photovoltaic industry has a considerable international competitiveness, but by the downturn in the global PV market, the domestic market applications and insufficient impact of the current production and management difficulties arise, we must support the PV industry out of the woods and the healthy development of the . First, to strengthen planning and industrial policy guidance, and promote rational distribution, focus on expanding distributed photovoltaic applications. The second is to protect the power grid enterprises supporting grid and photovoltaic power generation projects under construction simultaneously put into priority photovoltaic program to purchase all of the generating capacity. Three is to improve PV tariff policy to support the development of photovoltaic power plants subregional Internet benchmark price, the scale expansion of renewable energy fund to protect the power of distributed PV subsidies by timely release of funds in place. Four is to encourage financial institutions to take measures to alleviate the photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises financing difficulties. Five key materials and equipment to support technology development and industrialization, strengthen the construction of photovoltaic industry standards and norms. Six is ​​to encourage corporate mergers and acquisitions, and Make, inhibition of blind expansion of production capacity.
According to the  Throttle Body Kero understand, in fact, in recent years, environmental access via car, "yellow car" accelerated phase, vehicle fuel clean and adopt comprehensive measures, China's motor vehicle pollution control work has achieved some success . However, motor vehicle pollution control still has a lot of space. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection released at the end of 2012, "2012 China Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Report" for three consecutive years, China has become the world's superpower motor vehicle sales, motor vehicle pollution has become an important source of air pollution is caused by haze, Photochemical smog important reasons, the urgency of motor vehicle pollution control has become increasingly prominent.

Vehicle four pollutants - carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions increase in the total, mainly due to the large amount of new motor vehicles, the elimination smaller, relatively slow oil upgrading. The industry believes that the future motor vehicle pollution control policies, or from these aspects.

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